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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Answer to TropicsMan

So, I've taken to spreading A Jab at Work bloginess to Yahoo Question submitters. I figured the info/advice could go twice as far by sharing it with A Jab at Work visitors & followers. Below, you will find my reply to TropicsMan's question: "How do I apply for a job with the travel channel like Samantha Brown's job? I'm soon to be retired and will have time to travel constantly. How do I get a job like that with the travel channel?"
(Yahoo Questions & Answers)

A Jab at Work said: used to study Radio Television & Film. At that time, students were told that they could not expect to get a job in television very readily, and that usually someone has to "croak" before someone else gets hired. Jobs in entertainment and in many fields are typically acquired via connections. Keeping that information in mind, the best way to get a job like Samantha Brown's is to do all of the following:

1) Observe her style, and that of others who have similarly successful programs. Combine all of their best qualities, then add something unique and interesting of your own, to differentiate your presentation. Then perfect it.
2) Write/create 1-3 sample shows, featuring you as the host, on site in some interesting places (even if they are local). Utilize your newly perfected presentation skills to make your sample show/travel piece, and the place that you're describing irresistable. Have friends and family critique your presentation, and make adjustments as necessary, to perfect it.
3) Get (Hire for a small fee) a graduate film student/videographer at a local college to video-tape your performance. (Ask him/her if you can see his/her work 1st; the video should not look gritty, grayed out, or shaky; it should be well-lit, but not over-exposed. In other words, the video should be clear.).
4) Create a blog or website, and post similarly perfected videos, and related stories on your site; and, post them on YouTube, in order to get a major following. Networks/Cable companies care about viewers, who will watch their commercials. If you have a large following... you will have a SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER CHANCE of SUCCEEDING.
5) Finally, make several copies of your final products, and send a copy along with a well-written, mistake-free resume, and cover-letter describing your talent, interest in this field, and availability to the Travel Channel, and to all other similar channels; and to casting agents, who cast talent for such shows. Also, look on these channels' websites, to get the name/title of the proper contact/submission/HR person. (Make sure that only positive comments show up on your blog/website, and then... make sure to mention your site and its popularity/number of "hits/clicks" on your resume or cover letter (only if your site is in fact popular)).
6) Also, check out the Ross Reports (for talent/casting agents) & BackStage magazine online for similar jobs, and for advice cracking into this field:

Goood Luck!
Anyone else have a question about Jobs/Careers/Work?
Please feel free to ask your question in the comment section of any post on my blog:
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dannyd said...

That looks like really great advice! I hope that those people learn a lot from you, because you have so much to teach! How many questions of this type have you answered on Yahoo! Answers?

Hope you can check this out if you have time:

AJAB said...

dannyd, Thanks for your comment. I really enjoy answering questions on Yahoo Answers. Occasionally, I post questions there as well. It's a great forum for learning/sharing. Also, it gives me good inspiration for what to include here for fresh content, so my effort to answer Yahoo questions goes twice as far. Also, I can assume that if one person was interested in that particular information, then maybe others will be too. In answer to your question, thus far, I've probably answered about a dozen questions there. Yahoo limits how many questions each person may answer per day... and they assign points for the most questions answered. They deduct points for questions asked. When you build up a designated # of points, Yahoo increases your standing in the Answers Ranking system. So, some people, who answer the maximum # of questions per day, and whose answer get the, "best answer" vote, ultimately may get the coveted, "Expert" ranking, aka Level 7 (25,000+points) for questions answered... (Probably more than you wanted to know :)

Anywho, I'll be glad to check out your most recent post.

A Jab At Work Poetry (Poetry about Work)

“Work” by AJA-B, 08/30/09

The life I live is full of Joy,
But fool of sadness have I been,
If rumblings uttered prove us coy,
Then, truth be told both where, and when,
Was once a pair that teetered then,
O’er brinks or hills,
That they could scarce,
Find liquid, bars of salt, but bills,
And toil, though notice paid none dare’st,
To sweat, and pack, and tape, and wrap,
To call, and quest, rebuffed for cost,
To drive five states, and back, for gas
Traverse, from here to there to drink,
While aching back, and sweat-soaked shirt,
Proved naught the laborers’ worth, but stink,
And why should hecklers, wreckers blurt,
And hurl insults until they hurt,
While hypocrites sit conditioned in,
Till out a pair sent all they’d earned,
To others seeking extra, win,
‘gainst those that taught themselves, and learned,
Volumes, nearly choked and burned,
As plumes of hate, and stacks of smoke,
Sparked flames, which brinksmanship, did stoke,
Hellacious fires that GOD awoke,
& Smote the devils’ flames whose’ fire,
Could not the heights of clouds aspire,
& Up the pair in now a shell,
found seeds to plant that vines did swell,
Fat, filling, fruit and tasty cheer,
Revealing teeth, “from ear to ear,”
Now brimming, happily forgiving, hope,
Refilling cranial stores to find,
Surviving, counts for little more than sustaining life, and wasting time.

Digressing now though more is there,
I advise you work, but ne’er care,
Hard work, and success are not the same,
But without the first you’ll reap the blame,
For being weak, and seeming lame,
To end I wish you all the best,
Catharsis exhausts, I needs must rest,
Good luck, “You’re hired” I hope you’ll find,
To ease your cares, and soothe your mind.

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