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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You Really Want to take A Jab at Work? CHECK THIS OUT!

Check out Job Vent. This site is pretty darn cool. You can go there and post praise or complaints about any job that you've held. This is what I've tried to encourage people to do here, but thus-far I've had no takers.

The differences between Job Vent, and A Jab at Work are myriad. However, here are just two: 1) I don't encourage you to name company names. (They do.); and, 2) They have an AWESOME database format. This allows people to track all of the comments that were ever made about places that they have worked, or places where they are considering working.

Job Vent is a great tool, because it puts individuals and employers on a slightly more equal footing. Usually, employers enjoy automatic credibility, while applicants/employees do not. When you seek a job, you're asked for references, but employers may regularly fail on a variety of levels (fairness to employees, conducting business legally &/or professionally etc.), yet they need not produce employee reviews or face continued rejection. They're in the drivers' seats.

One downside to Job Vent is that some of the people commenting there have poor grammar, and do not edit their posts. This carelessness diminishes the integrity of their comments, which may in fact be legitimate.

Still, others' comments are well written. Furthermore, comments regarding the same employers are typically consistent, suggesting that those posts are somewhat reliable.

So, if you get a sec... take a look, but add comments at your own risk. Employers scan such sites, and in this, the information age access to your opinions is available at a price, or will be in the future. (By the way, did you hear the news about Google, and Yahoo passwords being made available on the Internet today???)

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A Jab At Work Poetry (Poetry about Work)

“Work” by AJA-B, 08/30/09

The life I live is full of Joy,
But fool of sadness have I been,
If rumblings uttered prove us coy,
Then, truth be told both where, and when,
Was once a pair that teetered then,
O’er brinks or hills,
That they could scarce,
Find liquid, bars of salt, but bills,
And toil, though notice paid none dare’st,
To sweat, and pack, and tape, and wrap,
To call, and quest, rebuffed for cost,
To drive five states, and back, for gas
Traverse, from here to there to drink,
While aching back, and sweat-soaked shirt,
Proved naught the laborers’ worth, but stink,
And why should hecklers, wreckers blurt,
And hurl insults until they hurt,
While hypocrites sit conditioned in,
Till out a pair sent all they’d earned,
To others seeking extra, win,
‘gainst those that taught themselves, and learned,
Volumes, nearly choked and burned,
As plumes of hate, and stacks of smoke,
Sparked flames, which brinksmanship, did stoke,
Hellacious fires that GOD awoke,
& Smote the devils’ flames whose’ fire,
Could not the heights of clouds aspire,
& Up the pair in now a shell,
found seeds to plant that vines did swell,
Fat, filling, fruit and tasty cheer,
Revealing teeth, “from ear to ear,”
Now brimming, happily forgiving, hope,
Refilling cranial stores to find,
Surviving, counts for little more than sustaining life, and wasting time.

Digressing now though more is there,
I advise you work, but ne’er care,
Hard work, and success are not the same,
But without the first you’ll reap the blame,
For being weak, and seeming lame,
To end I wish you all the best,
Catharsis exhausts, I needs must rest,
Good luck, “You’re hired” I hope you’ll find,
To ease your cares, and soothe your mind.

© 2009 AJA-B

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